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Let's discuss your favorite albums of 2018

It's the end of a year so let's discuss your favorite albums.
Here are mine:
Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (maybe the best in their carrer alongside Humbug)
Foxing - Nearer My God and mewithoutYou's [Untitled] are scratching my emo itch this year, both maybe the best in their carreers;
Vein - Errorzone - sounds like a mix of early Converge and Slipknot's self-titled
Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want (you really should try this one)
Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch - NIN are intense again!
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Sample stretching

Hello guys, i'm Brownie, an aspiring music producer, recently I started making beats again after stoping for a few years, I've always been amazed by sample based production, I will say that The Chronic by Dr. Dre and Shook ones pt. 2 by Mobb Deep were enough for me to want to porsue this as a carreer. Several years ago I became a big fan of Clams Casino and my production became really centered on stretching and chopping samples to create either a different break, turning instrumentation into ambience or even creating a different melody all together.

I want to do things right, one of my biggest peeves when stretching a sample is for instance the digital distortion that occurs during the stretching, One day I tried to stretch the drum break from "Amen brother" to make it sound like in King of the beats by Mantronix, however, i couldn't achieve it due to the distortion caused by stretching the sample that causes the instruments to sound like they went through a flanger type of filter.

I did some reading about the topic and from what I understood, the best way to achieve this is to slow down the sample analog wise, which I assume it means to slow it down from the source, in this case the vinyl itself, the point here is when I don't have the vinyl to do so and only the file. I don't know too much about this so please don't slam me for asking this, but I assumed that one way to do it was by triggering the sample through a serato and then playing it back in a lower bpm from the turn table itself, again I might be tripping but that's why I ask.
That might be an option and maybe there's a more practical and simple way of doing this, I'm open to all type of suggestions. Thank you beforehand, have a goo day!
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My (32M) cousin (25M) seems to be relapsing into a gambling addiction and I don't know what to do anymore

Hey guys, throwaway account for obvious identity concerns.
I really need some advice on what to do because I'm completely lost; this may get long so I'll put a TL;DR at the bottom.
I have a cousin who is a really good kid (let's call him B); he goes to University, is a very kind-hearted dude, but he has some addiction issues which I'll try to expand on briefly. His main problem, however, is with gambling, and it's going in a very bad direction.
His gambling addiction began a few years ago with the usual stuff: card games, slot machines at the local pub (Eastern Europe FTW!). At the time he was still living with his mother (his father passed away when he was young, he's an only child), so most of the money he was wasting was relatively petty amounts that he either asked for or got through student jobs. He then started going to shady casinos, where he started spending more, thus wasting more. He eventually realized that he was going in a bad direction, so he asked for our support (which we gladly gave) and took the necessary steps: he self-excluded from the casinos (i.e. got himself voluntarily banned so he couldn't visit them anymore) and started getting his life in order. He started University at the time which gave him a lot of sense of purpose, so it seemed like he'd left this in the past.
...that is until about summer of last year. He was in his last year at Uni when things started to fall apart a bit. He's put his studies on pause, with the original reason being that he needed to get a job to support himself, because he recently moved in together with his long-term girlfriend. That didn't make the family too happy, but whatever, he does need to start making money since he moved out. But the bigger problem was that he started gambling again. Online, new casinos, wherever he could. We sat him down several times to talk things through, and it was decided that he needed professional help. At the time my neighbour was a psychologist who was co-founder of a mental health clinic where several psychologists worked, so I asked her to recommend someone who could help my cousin with this. She recommended us a psychologist, and my cousin started seeing him. He said that the psychologist is a great help; they get along very well, have great talks, and their sessions are very productive. He said, around last NovembeDecember, that they're making great progress.
...that is until about recently. I haven't heard from him in a while and assumed (moronically, I know) that things were improving. It's my fault for not monitoring his progress closer, but my life has been turned upside-down with the arrival of my first child last year, switching carreers, and whole mess of other stuff. B's studies are still not advancing, and while he quit his job some weeks ago in a promise to focus more on getting his diploma, he hasn't even gone near his school. Recently B's mother (i.e. my aunt) came over a few times to visit our baby. Each time, she received phone calls from B asking for money now. In each case he was demanding that she either go to the bank, or use her online access to transfer him money immediately, and if for whatever reason she would not be able to do that, then to meet him a.s.a.p. to give him cash. After overhearing a conversation like this, she admitted to us that he's started gambling again, and has become very aggressive and demanding of her money. We told her that she should immediately stop funding his addiction, but she wouldn't listen to us and keeps saying that she doesn't have a choice; if she threatens B that she won't give him money, he threatens back with self-harm, saying that he would get money in whatever (illegal) way he can, and sometimes even with suicide. His aunt always breaks and I feel there is nothing I can say to her to get her to stop financing this. When asked whether B still goes to his psychologist, she says that she knows B is still going, but I don't know what is going on with his therapy that he relapses so suddenly and aggressively.
Aunt doesn't even want to hear about me confronting B with what I overheard them speak about. She's afraid of his reaction and what he would do.
I feel like I'm out of options on how I can help.
TL;DR: cousin who had gambling addiction in the past is relapsing hard, even though he's been seeing a psychologist for months. All factors of his life (his studies, his carreer) seem to have been suspended while this addiction is taking hold. His mother is guilted/blackmailed into assisting and won't allow me to confront him. What do I do?
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